Facts About Black Mold Removal

    You’ve discovered black mold and have received treatment for any symptoms that occurred as a result of your exposure. After you have black mold removal services, you are now curious about what black mold is. It’s also called Stachybotrys chartarum. Here are some questions, statements, or concerns you might have. Is Mold Toxic? If you use the description, “Toxic mold” to describe black mold, it’s not accurate. The reason why people might think that black mold is toxic is because of the symptoms. There is always a little bit of mold everywhere. It’s the spores that go into your body and produce mycotoxins, which is a toxin, that makes you sick. There are very few reports that mold caused rare disorders or diseases such as pulmonary hemorrhage. There’s no reason to believe that you’re going to die from touching mold. It’s still necessary to take any precautions necessary to prevent any further growth. It is also important to hire a professional for black mold removal. How rare is black mold? While there are no statistics that provide precise information on how frequent black mold is found in homes, it is still uncommon. It’s not rare but just less common than other types of mold found in homes or buildings. The more common indoor molds are Cladosporium, Aspergillus, and Alternaria. Remember that there are thousands of types of mold. If you find mold on your wall, don’t assume it’s Stachybotrys Chartarum. How did mold get there? Mold is constantly in our environment. It’s something that flows through the air and can enter your home from your ventilation system, doorways and air conditioning units that have outdoor air intakes. Spores attach themselves to your animals and clothing. If they are dropped where there’s an excessive amount of moisture, they will grow. Moisture doesn’t always have to be a puddle but wet cellulose materials such as paper and wood are great places for mold to grow. How do you get rid of mold? There are many ways to go about black mold removal. In most cases, you can remove them from hard surfaces using bleach. First you’d want to use some soapy water and scrub down the surface and then bleach it. It’s necessary to dilute the bleach solution in water. One cup of bleach goes into one gallon of water.  If you have things like ceiling title, dry wall and carpet that have been exposed to mold; you might have to throw them away.  When there’s a lot of cleaning to do, hire a professional. They will be thorough and effective.   MasterTech Environmental is a professional company that deals with all aspects of mold. Visit them at MasterTechMold.com for effective black mold removal services in New Jersey.

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