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by | Aug 27, 2013 | Finance and Insurance

The livelihood of many people depends on the hospitality industry. When you make the choice to operate an establishment in this industry such as a bar, night club or restaurant, you will need to take the time in order to find the right kind of insurance that will protect you, your business, your customers as well as your employees. When it comes to bars, lounges, night clubs or restaurants that serve liquor in their establishment you will be required to have liquor insurance. Having liquor insurance is usually required in most states.

If your state requires your to have liquor insurance in order to operate and you do not take it seriously you risk heavy fines, your business being shut down and in some case time in jail. This can all be avoided with the purchase of liquor insurance. There are many different risks involved in this business and as the owner or manager of this kind of establishment it really is your responsibility to make sure that the business is fully insured. Now if you have been in the business for a long time you know the importance of liquor insurance in addition to other types of insurance polices that are suggested for this type of business.

In most cases these types of establishments also serve food in addition to games for their patrons to be entertained during their visit to your business. All of these services can actually be a risk to your business. If you establishment serves food you have the risks of fire or food spoiling without your knowledge causing your customer to be sick. Games like pool and darts can also pose a huge risk if one of the components of the game comes into contact with someone and causes an injury.

All of these risks can be avoided with a great insurance policy. And you don’t have to spend tons of time and money on finding the perfect policy. In this case it is best to seek out the services of an experienced hospitality insurance company. They will gather your information and advise which insurance is required as well as make some suggestions for other services. From there they will quickly find you the best prices for all of your insurance needs.

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