Get a Great Driver for Your Bus Charter in NYC

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Transportation Logistics

One of the most intimidating issues in hiring a bus in New York City is making sure the driver knows what he is doing. New York City can be fraught with traffic issues. Having someone inexperienced behind the wheel can make for a nightmare situation. Ensure you have the right driver for your trip by checking the following.
Years of Experience in New York
Knowing how to drive in San Antonio is not the same as driving in Chicago. Driving in Chicago is not the same as New York. Everyone is a new driver to a city at some point, but you don’t need to volunteer your trip to be a learning experience. Make sure you request a driver for your bus charter in NYC who has a sufficient amount of time driving a large commercial vehicle around the streets of the Big Apple. The last thing you want is a driver who relies on GPS to get you to shows and reservations on time.
Special Awards and Training
The best companies offering a bus charter in NYC have trained their drivers to ultimate standards. Keep an eye out for drivers who have taken classes or won awards through insurance companies like Lancer. Competent training groups also include the Bus & Motorcoach Academy and similar organizations.
Bilingual Skills
When cruising through the streets of New York City, you run across drivers who speak all kinds of languages. English and Spanish are the most common, but you have a good chance of finding drivers who also speak Polish, French, German, Italian, Farsi and more. This can provide a unique tie-in to a culturally-themed trip or make members of your party who don’t speak English well feel more comfortable.
Each particular driver you come across will also have a distinct personality. This person is going to be in charge of your safety and security on the road, and you’ll have to be able to get along. You can try to find someone in advance who can add to your vacation experience.
When you work with a bus charter in NYC, you typically have a wide range of options for who takes control of the wheel. Get to know your options in advance of booking your travels. A bus driver can stay in the background or be front-and-center. He can stick to transporting your party or be an active member in your vacation. Make sure you set yourself up for success by choosing the right person.
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