Choose Great American Charters for your Group Airport Shuttle Needs

    Saftey is Always First

    Great American Charters (GAC) proudly provides safe, reliable, and industry-leading transportation services to groups across the continental United States and Canada. Employees are trained in The Department of Transportation’s Rules and Regulations and must keep up with annual training.

    Airport Shuttle Services for Groups

    GAC services groups as small as 10 and as large as 57 passengers. Because GAC provides transportation services in most airport cities, it is a convenient company for groups to rely on for shuttle services from an airport. Available transportation options include the deluxe coach buses for larger groups and minibuses, sprinter vans, and passenger vans for smaller groups. GAC also has limo vehicles to shuttle passengers if the group so chooses.

    GAC airplane shuttle services are ideal for small to large groups of people flying together who need to be transported post-flight. Some examples of groups that may find GAC transportation services helpful include classes of students, church groups, professors attending a conference, business coworkers, sports teams, a wedding party, or family members heading to a family reunion.

    Great American Charters can transport your group from the airport directly to your group’s hotel or other location. We also provide services from the hotel back to the airport at the end of your group’s trip.

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