Gas vs. Wood Fireplace – Benefits and Drawbacks of Each

The childhood memories many people include sitting around the fireplace and warming up from its heat as the fire crackles and the smoke rises. The distinct smell and ambience of that setting as occurred over and over again in times past. Today, modern gas fireplaces offer much cleaner and more efficient solution to enjoy the warmth within the living space. Below, we look briefly at the gas vs. wood fireplace.

The Distinctions
There is important distinctions exist between old-style wood-burning fireplaces and modern gas fireplaces. Both fireplaces send warm thing to the living space. However, there is a big difference when it comes to the heating efficiency of both. The modern gas unit outpaces the wood-burning fireplace by far in terms of efficient heating. These modern units also do not require the cleanup and maintenance associated with the old wood burners of the past.

Gas Fireplace
Through a constant supply of fuel from the gas company, a modern gas fireplace can function over the course of many hours producing a consistent flow of feet into the room. Wood burning fireplaces on the other hand use a fuel source that will burn out eventually and need to be replaced. Another gas vs. wood fireplace distinction: A gas fireplace is turned on and off simply – often with the press of a button. Old style wood burning fireplaces often must have their fire quenched with more physical effort involved.

Wood Fireplace
The fuel source for what fireplace is often much less expensive than the fuel source for gas fireplace. In fact, many people gather logs from nature, which only requires their time and some physical effort. With a gas fireplace, you will pay for the big gas you consume to power the flame. As a side note, wood-burning fireplaces are available that can function as a modern fireplace with the wood itself simply used as a fuel source instead of natural gas or propane.

With a wood-burning fireplace, you do get the crackling sound of the wood as it burns, along with some of the visual appeal of the flames bouncing around as they devour the wood. Along with this visual presentation are the sparks that fly at times and the smell the smoke. All of this is appreciated by many people who have experienced the ambience of old-style wood-burning fireplaces. You will not experience many of these features in their traditional form with a modern gas fireplace unit.

When deciding between gas vs. wood fireplace units, consider the benefits and disadvantages of each and learn more about your options by contacting an experience fireplace supplier serving your area today.

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