5 Practical Ways to Help You Take Care of a Parent with Alzheimer’s Disease

    Alzheimer’s disease worsens over time and impacts a person’s memory, language, and cognition, according to Healthline. If your parent is exhibiting signs of dementia and other symptoms, here are a few practical ways for you to cope with the situation.

    Develop a routine

    People with Alzheimer’s disease can still follow routines. In fact, creating a schedule will make it easier to take care of your parent and bring them comfort.

    Be patient

    Patience is of the essence. Tasks will take time and that’s normal. Your parent will want frequent breaks from routine so everything can take twice or thrice the time it normally would. Hurrying your parent along can only lead to frustration and tension. Attend to other tasks to keep that from happening.

    Reduce distractions

    Minimize distractions at mealtimes. If the TV is on or there are too many people talking at once, that could make it difficult for the person with Alzheimer’s disease to focus.

    Get professional help

    Think about hiring an agency for Alzheimer’s and dementia care. This is a big step, though, so talk to your family members and discuss your options. You’ll need to assess the care needs of your parent first. It’s important to know how far along the condition is. Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative condition, meaning it won’t get better, but with professional help you can slow down the progress of the disease.

    Contact care providers

    Hiring an agency provides you with a safe and reliable way to get in touch with caregivers. Research reputable options. Don’t forget to go over terms and conditions as well as hiring policies before you choose an agency for Alzheimer’s and dementia care. For more details, talk to the experts at Capital City Nurses. Call 866-807-7307 and get started.

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