Eight Ways To Ensure A Successful Cloud Migration

    Moving from an in-house server or a hosted service to the cloud is not a simple process. It can be difficult to migrate some software options to the cloud, particularly if the software is older or modified to work with specific business integrations or systems.

    Hire a Professional Service

    If you are planning on migrating to the cloud, hiring the cloud solutions provider to manage the migration is the most effective way to ensure a smooth transition. These professionals understand the existing cloud infrastructure and plan the migration for minimum disruption of the business computing requirements and operation.

    In addition to hiring the cloud hosting solutions provider to complete the migration, there are seven other ways to help streamline the process. These include:

    • Plan the process – migration needs to be strategic, limiting any downtime for the website, apps, and software required by the business or the customers.
    • Train employees – there may be changes to the software or new technology required with the migration. Training employees helps limit problems.
    • Work with the IT department – the IT department will need to inventory and monitor all application use before the migration. This is required both in the planning as well as the actual migration phase.
    • Streamline systems – many companies have ad hoc systems of data capture, storage, and utilization. During the migration, ineffective and outdated systems should be eliminated or upgraded.
    • Recovery plan – it is essential to have a recovery plan in place at all times during the migration. Both recovery and disaster plans should be tested before the migration.
    • Know requirements – moving data from one location to another may fall under specific regulations or compliance requirements. Failing to follow regulations may result in significant fines.

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