Easy and Effective Ways to Get to Class Every Day on Time in Chicago, IL

    Great students receive good grades because they get to the classroom on time. If you’re consistently late for class, use these strategies to change your habits.

    Use a Calendar

    To be punctual, you’ll have to stay focused while you’re out of the classroom. This is why the most punctual people have a planner. With a planner, you can highlight important dates to give yourself extra time to study.

    You may already have a planner if you own a smartphone. The phone should have a calendar app or a reminder app.

    Create a Practical Travel Schedule

    Once you have a calendar that contains all of your important dates, you’ll have to create a travel schedule. To get started, you’ll need a stopwatch. Start the stopwatch the moment you wake up and stop it immediately after you enter the classroom.

    Use the calculations to create your travel schedule. For example, if it takes one hour to get to the classroom, wake up two hours before the class begins.

    Every second matter for a busy student, so if you’re frequently late, you might want to consider a better stomping ground. Most students who have problems managing their time will typically rent an apartment near a college campus. There are wonderful apartments for rent near DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

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