Do You Need A Sales Check Up From The Neck Up? How to Prevent the Chronic Condition of “Sales Call R

by | Mar 19, 2013 | General

Sales call reluctance is the bane of the selling industry. 80% of sales men and women fail within the first year at their job. But among the 20% who do make it, salespeople make the maximum number of CEOs in any industry! But what is the cause of this huge difference in the failure : success ratio? 80 : 20 is not good figures when it’s 20% success! That is why your company may need a sales check up from the neck up by experts who have dedicated their lives to understanding the in depth aspects of market capture and proper revenue generation. Your company may be among the many facing a lot of sales call reluctance issues which is demoralizing your sales force to slow down. This is a condition which causes most of our salesmen and women to fail within a short span of their careers. It’s not the product, cost, economy, or competition – it’s about information, or more specifically, the lack of it. Most companies rush into the selling game without enough information and market research about their product. For starters, it’s not a onetime game – it’s a continual process of current facts, figures, and speculation of things to come. This is why for every services or product, the companies are many, but the successful brands only a handful in number. The winners have done their homework before trying to sell their goods against others. Capturing an active market for your product or service means keeping multiple aspects in consideration. You must be prepared for troubles from any angle. And thankfully, every mistake teaches you more. Sales call reluctance can be minimized if you know your target audience as deeply as possible and modify your market approach and products to their needs. Your sales team will face less number of rejections when they approach people with a need for your services or goods, and hence, the reluctance of their approach will grow better. However, providing this vital information is your duty as the company, and giving them the resources for the research is all you need to do. Time is a valuable factor in giving your company a sales check up from the neck up. A reliable survey and marketing survey covers all angles, from online processes to conventional advertising. If you can prepare this initial platform for your sales team, your sales call reluctance is bound to reduce to a minimal problem on your road to achieving success over your competitors. The Sales Coaching Institute offers an interactive process for sales professionals to discover their natural talents and how to overcome potential roadblocks to sales success. For more details about Sales Training Institute, visit website.

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