Choosing the Right Invitation Cards

    Invitation cards can be sent out for a variety of purposes and they need to be custom made according to their usage. Depending on whether it’s a formal occasion or a personal message to convey, your invitation card should be designed to make an impact. Cards are about visual impact more than the written messages on them. This is why in case of bulk orders and mass deliveries, you would need to hire a card company. Let us look at some of the types of personalized summons that people send out for various formal and personal kinds of invitation – Wedding cards – This is perhaps the most common form of personal summons used throughout the world. Regardless of religion, most ritual weddings mean the families invite their relatives and friends through some  beautiful and uniquely designed invites. These may be the colorful and elaborate kinds with glitter work and bright colors like Hindu and Muslim wedding cards. Christian wedding invites are mostly in white or the lightest and most tranquil shades. Many people spend a large chunk of the wedding budget just on their custom made invitation card designs. Office Social Occasion – Many offices merely leave memos when you have a social invitation, but formal invitation to anniversary celebrations or inauguration celebrations within a company is one of the better ways to make employees feel more special and connected. These can be seasonal like invitation to Christmas parties and New Year celebrations. They might be company events like feasts or picnics. However, since these are meant for casual invitations, they are often colorful and designed according to their purpose. Inauguration – These are another form of formal invitation summon, and are mostly quite simple. A thick ribbon (usually red or blue) symbolizes the inauguration ceremony and are seen boldly on the front face. Since these are given to esteemed guests, personalized names of the receivers are also often in print or embossed on the inside message space of the card. Baby Showers – A baby brings new hope and joy to many lives, and it is a special time for any family. An invitation card to such a special event is always most joyous, and also must have great aesthetic designing. Indian families use colors like deep scarlet and royal blues. Most American and European families prefer baby shades like light pink and soft blues for their baby shower invitation cards.     Need custom designed invitation cards? is the best online card designing and mass delivery company who ensures that your invitation card leaves an impact of class and hospitality on anyone who receives it.

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