Concrete Floor Coating: Protecting Your Garage Floor

According to reports by the USDA, epoxy content in concrete floor coating solutions can range from a mere 30 percent to 100 percent. Such huge variations help in offering the right kind of solutions for different customer requirements. Here we elaborate the importance and benefits of the coating process.

Why Protect Garage Floors Using Concrete Floor Coating

The most common question about using concrete floor coating is why invest the time and money in protecting garage floors. Another question is why garage, when we do not live there. This is exactly the point! Most often, we neglect the upkeep of places that we do not use often. Garage floors, like any other concrete floors need floor coatings so that it becomes durable for long-term usage. These products hold gravel and sand particles together creating a bond that is hard to break. They also make floors waterproof, thus stopping any kind of corrosion or rusting.

How Garage Floor Is Different from Other Floors

There are many significant differences between garage floor and other concrete floors. Garage floors usually have to withstand the weight of your cars and resist the pressure of tires and drags. Hence, a normal floor would get loose with time. On the contrary, having a Concrete floor coating helps prevent this. It does this by improving the psi levels and elongation properties of the concrete floor. This would mean that the concrete surface can contract and expand to its original structure after being subjected to weight and pressure.  Technologies like elongation memory make sure that it does not lose its shape and grip. Having waterproof concrete floors also means no corrosion and moisture, thus eliminating rusting of the car body.

Benefits of protecting garage floors

While it may be considered a permanent building structure, little attention is paid towards maintenance activities.   We need to realize that concrete floor coating can benefit homeowners in the following ways:

1. It provides a cleaner look to the floor making it aesthetically more pleasing

2. Concrete floor coating also acts as a guard against coolant and battery water spills on the garage floor

3. It makes the surface smoother and enhances tire grip on the surface

4. Using reflective coating reduces the need for additional lighting

5. Increases the strength and load bearing capacity of your existing  floor

6. Concrete floor coating is also known to enhance the life of concrete to up to two-and-a-half times.

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