Stone Fabrication Can Be A Functional Art Form In Your Home

    Like almost all crafts, stone fabrication has many applications that range from purely practical to artistic. Stone fabrication basically means “creating something out of stone.” This could be anything from a nine-foot tall statue to a coffee table. Like most craftsmen, those who choose to work with stone typically go through a training process and many end up at being very good at what they do. However, there is only so much market value for stone workers who want to make a living solely as an artist. Some people might see this as a lost opportunity, but others see the overwhelming demand for functionality as leaving something to be desired. Instead of having limited opportunity to admire great craftsmanship and the opulence that a beautifully handmade marble table is apt to bring, people have the opportunity to own a functional work of art. After all, isn’t adding esthetic appeal to one’s home the point of interior design?

    There are many ways that custom stone fabrication can make your home more attractive. Some custom stone items used for décor that you might not have thought of include quartz countertops, modern or classic stone mantelpieces, art deco marble tables, stone floors with ornate patterns, and marble stairs. Sometimes, small details can make your home look very different. Often times, people view options for new floors as either carpet or wood that come in various colors. Sometimes stone floors can add something different. Imagine a marble entryway or stone tiles in a small kitchen with a little added flair instead of typical ceramic tiles or linoleum flooring. People might be surprised at what impact custom pieces made from stone can make to the overall look of their homes, whether it is a focal point such as a mantelpiece or a clever addition such as a tasteful pattern on the marble floor of one’s entryway. Most people do not have the means for extensive private art collections. As neat as it would be to have large stone statues and gigantic oil paintings aplenty, most people have nowhere to put such things. To keep the spirit of stone fabrication and fine art alive, it is wise to invest in timeless, functional forms of art. A quality mantelpiece can be just as impressive and make just as good of a conversation piece as a traditional piece of fine art. Furthermore, it is not too difficult to add a bit of artistic flair to typically banal items such as a granite countertop cut in a non-traditional shape and style. Add some color and natural beauty to your home and life by utilizing various types of stone in both creative and timeless ways.  Stone fabrication can be used to create functional forms of art in your home. Look into the art of VT Industries Inc. and get new ideas.

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