How You Can Live a Healthier Life by Choosing Off Campus Housing

    While living in housing on campus can be more convenient, you may not realize that it’s costing you in terms of your health. There are several ways that staying in a dorm will adversely affect your physical and mental health. Alternatively, you can enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle when you rent off campus housing […]

    How to Choose the Best Off-Campus LSU Student Apartments in the Area

    The next most important decision a student can make after declaring their major is finding the best housing. Today’s college students have numerous housing options including off-campus LSU student apartments. Here are some tips to find the best off-campus student living options. Floorplans The best apartment complexes offer students a variety of floorplans that accommodate […]

    Valued Amenities in Furnished Student Apartments Near the ASU Campus

    It’s no secret that many students enjoy living in student apartments near the ASU campus. The most important quality when searching for the right apartment is safety. When it comes to getting a furnished apartment, there are a couple of amenities that students generally appreciate more than others. Private Bathrooms There probably isn’t anyone in […]

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