Why Living Alone Is Beneficial to University of Arkansas Students

    Living with roommates while going to university classes has its benefits. However, it is not for everyone. If you would rather live alone, you should know that there are 1-bedroom apartments in Fayetteville, AR, available within student housing complexes. Living with roommates in student housing indeed offers more privacy and space than living in a […]

    Historic Charm and Urban Vibe for Full-Time College Students

    Urban Features and Charming Atmosphere Near Pennsylvania State University When attending Pennsylvania State University, you have several convenient housing options on and off-campus. If you want to be close to the academic buildings without sacrificing freedom and independence, consider an apartment in the downtown area of State College, PA. This small town has a thriving […]

    What to Pack When Moving to Tuscaloosa Apartments Near Campus

    Looking for apartments in Tuscaloosa, AL? Here are a few things you have to know before moving to your next home! We’ve organized a checklist, so you can be prepared and enjoy ALL the wonderful parts of becoming independent and creating a new home for yourself. Provide a Notice to Your Old Landlord If you’re […]

    How You Can Live a Healthier Life by Choosing Off Campus Housing

    While living in housing on campus can be more convenient, you may not realize that it’s costing you in terms of your health. There are several ways that staying in a dorm will adversely affect your physical and mental health. Alternatively, you can enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle when you rent off campus housing […]

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