A Guayabera Shirt For Every Occasion

by | Jul 22, 2013 | Shopping and Fashion

The way a man looks on his wedding day is almost as important as how the bride looks. Both the bride and groom want to look as nice as possible on that special day. The woman has a lot more options in terms of style and color but the guy is limited to a suit. The suit, however, may have more options in terms of color and sometimes has options when it comes to the style of the suit. Depending on location, he may want to choose a lighter option than wearing a tuxedo or a suit. A tuxedo can be very warm and the guy may feel hot and uncomfortable because of the fabric and the layers.

The perfect option for a destination wedding or a wedding taking place during the warm months would be a Guayabera Mexican wedding shirt. A guayabera shirt is made from linen and is lightweight. Linen is breathable fabric and will help the guy to feel comfortable on a warm day and at the same time look stylish. These shirts come in different styles and colors giving the guy more options for his special day. The shirt is a button up; therefore, still looks fancy enough for a wedding regardless of the location. They also come in long sleeve or short sleeve. The Guayabera shirt designed by Debra Torres is not only available for the groom, but for the groomsmen and guests as well. The groomsmen also have many different styles and colors to choose from. This allows for the look of a true bridal party without the men needing to wearing tuxedos. A tuxedo can be constricting but the guayabera shirt is made from linen in order to allow you to move freely.

These shirts look good on all body types so there is no need to worry on your special day about your outfit not fitting or making you look bad. In order to get the right fit there are specific areas to measure. They also can be coordinated with the rest of the bridal party colors to complete the look so there is no worrying about anybody clashing with style or color.

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