Yes, Glutamine Supplements Still Make Sense

For years, it was an established thought that glutamine supplements helped build muscle, increase energy and improve the immune system. Now people are starting to wonder if they shouldn’t switch to a newer, more popular nutritional additive. Others have gone so far as to say no one needs glutamine and years of benefits touted by body builders were all make-believe. However, for many people, glutamine supplements are as beneficial as ever and still more effective than the newest designer products.

What’s This about Muscle Gain?

Critics of glutamine supplements claim there are no muscle-building benefits found in this amino acid additive. They say you get enough in your food. The extra you take in pill or shake form is merely a waste. They say you’re buying into hype and wasting money. Surprisingly, this is true for people who aren’t trying to cut weight, while maintaining or building body mass. If you’re relying on large meals to boost your muscle mass, glutamine supplements won’t be of much benefit to you. This amino acid is regularly found in meat, poultry, fish and other natural protein sources. However, if you are trying to cut fat or are on a restricted diet, a high-quality glutamine additive will help you tremendously.

Depleted Energy

Endurance athletes and body builders with an intense fitness routine burn glutamine in heavy doses. This is true even for those who have a generous diet. The energy-packed punch of these supplements shouldn’t be ignored. In studies, they were proven to help athletes perform for longer at higher levels of intensity. It’s because of this that glutamine supplements have been popular for so long. It’s a healthy energy boost as well without the shakes or anxiety that comes with ephedrine or other energy boosters athletes have had problems with in the past. While new products are always coming to the market and bringing with them surprising benefits, increasing energy is an area where athletes have learned to be suspicious. Thankfully, glutamine supplements have already passed this test.

Increased Immune Responses

Amino acids are essential to many of the body’s functions. Glutamine has proven time and again its benefits in helping fight off illness. Users regularly report being able to avoid getting sick during common flu and cold seasons and report milder symptoms that end quickly when they do come down with something. This is an excellent choice for athletes with health concerns. Not only does getting sick cause pain and annoyance, it affects your overall fitness goals and can interfere with important schedules. If you have a competition coming up, it makes sense to have a little backup. There are a variety of glutamine supplements tailored to different goals and situations. For all but a small number of athletes, they serve an important purpose. Time-tested and still as effective as ever, this is one amino acid that should absolutely be part of your sports nutrition plan.