Working With An Arborist In Weston, CT

Consumers with a tree problem should investigate before hiring a tree service. All tree services are not created equal. Cutting trees is dangerous work, so any service should have liability and workers compensation insurance. They should also be licensed. It may be preferable to hire a certified arborist.

Hiring An Arborist

Arborists are trained in arboriculture and must pass several exams to get a license. A certified arborist should have plenty of references, so a consumer can see their work. Arborists charge more than a regular tree service, but it’s worth it. Avoid tree services that solicit work in neighborhoods. Many of them are trying to make a fast buck.

Arborists are too busy to solicit. Beautiful, healthy trees are an investment and add value to the property. It’s important the contractor knows what they’re doing. The arborist should give the homeowner an estimate and contract before any work is done.

The Tree May Not Need to be Cut

Arborists won’t down a tree unless it’s necessary. Rather, they prune trees to keep them healthy. Further, they can identify trees that need special attention. Pruning at the right time, maintains the health and appearance of trees. Damaged limbs are removed along with those that are hazardous. Limbs may be removed if they grow too close to utility lines. Additionally, an Arborist in Weston, CT may prune a tree’s canopy. This helps sunlight reach all the branches. All cuts are made, so trees aren’t damaged or bruised.

Planting Trees

Many valuable trees die because of improper planting techniques. Further, trees should be planted at the correct time of the year. A young tree will not thrive in hot temperatures. Moreover, arborists offer customers guidance on what species of trees will work on the property. They may have to test the soil to find out why certain trees are failing.

An arborist’s skills are invaluable if trees are diseased. These diseases spread and can affect an entire farm or orchard. The arborist identifies the disease and recommends a treatment plan. The treatment plan may involve the use of special pesticides. Fortunately, arborists have a license required to buy all types of chemicals. Visit the website for Northeast Horticultural Services to learn more.

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