Windshield Replacement: Why Safety Should Remain the Primary Concern

by | Mar 19, 2013 | General

  The windshield definitely enhances comfort in a motor vehicle and carries with it some cosmetic value as well. Driving without a windshield would subject all to challenges unimaginable. But have you ever considered that the windshield is perhaps more than that? That it plays a very key role in this motor world? An understanding of the core function of the windshield will definitely change the perception of many towards windshield replacement and repair. Second only to the seat belt and airbags, the windshield ranks highly among the safety features in a motor vehicle. That is why windshields are not only made of glass. They are lined with a thin layer of plastic referred to as polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This prevents the glass from shattering on impact. This is what makes a windshield unique and distinguishes it from other forms of glass – including the side and rear auto glasses made of tempered glass. As such, windshield replacement Atlanta cannot be a casual affair. In as much as there are no laws governing the same- as there are relating to airbags and seat belts – the role played by windshields in vehicles is reason enough to convince car owners to seek windshield replacement from reputable auto glass companies. You see, when neither the seatbelt nor the airbags can save you, it is the windshield that prevents you from being tossed out of the car in fatal accidents. This is besides maintaining the structural stability of the motor vehicle in the event of rolling. Having said that, it is worthy to note that not all windshields will play role as expected. This may, of course, depend on the quality on the windshield, but it is also largely dependent on the installation process. When autoglasses are not properly installed, they pose a danger not only to the driver of the motor vehicles, but to its passengers and other road users. And just how is that? For starters, it could come off when not properly affixed on the motor vehicle. The hazards are self evident. A poorly installed windshield is more likely to crack or break on impact – however small. Besides these dangers, you would also incur high costs in replacement or installation costs which are avoidable with proper windshield replacement. In the light of the foregoing, should windshield replacement Atlanta be conducted in just any manner? The answer is no. Yes, there are no laws regulating the exercise, but the legal lacuna is no reason for you to take the process lightly. Not-for-profit organizations such as the Auto Glass Safety Council have gone out of their way to establish guidelines for safe windshield replacement and repair. This move was definitely triggered by the high number of unqualified persons dealing with autoglasses. The council sets out the bare minimums for auto glass repairs and replacements. Since its inception, it has obtained the support of genuine dealers in auto glasses. From the foregoing therefore, windshield replacement Atlanta is no exercise to be taken lightly. It should always be done by professionals. For more information, log on to our website.

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