Why You Should Recycle Used Tires in the Oak Lawn and Bridgeview Area

Worn old tires are everywhere. From landfills to roadsides, used tires are frequently discarded and quickly forgotten. There are other options though, such as tire recycling facilities. Below, we’ll explain why you should recycle your tires and we’ll also give you some easy and creative tips for tire reuse.

Why Tires Should Be Recycled, and How Tires Can Power a Nation

In America, more than 300 million tires are discarded each year. Putting them in landfills causes mosquito and rodent populations to increase. Because a discount tire near Oak Lawn is made of a synthetic rubber compound, it won’t biodegrade for thousands of years. Fortunately, old tires make a great fossil fuel alternative. Through a special recycling process, tires can be turned into a fuel that produces about 25% more energy than a comparable amount of coal.

A Few Tips on Reusing and Repurposing Old Tires

Recycled old tires can be turned into numerous useful items. Use them as garden planters, on playgrounds and for outdoor decorations. The synthetic materials used in tires can also be used to create artificial surfaces for running tracks, athletic fields and parking lots. Though it’s not recommended to grow edible plants in them, old tires can be reused and repurposed in various ways.

Reduce Waste With Regular Tire Servicing

In the past, people would burn their old tires, but that’s no longer appropriate. Though it may seem like a hassle to recycle old tires, it’s every driver’s civic duty to reuse, dispose of and recycle tires properly. Taking care of your discount tire near Oak Lawn with regular rotations and inspections is a simple way to reduce waste and prolong the time until disposal is necessary. Visit website to learn more or call Wilrae, Inc. to schedule your next tire service visit.

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