Why You Need To Invest In A Software Platform Based On Latest Network Optimization Technology

How secure is your business network? Does your in-house tech team have the best possible type of network optimization technology at their disposal? If not, then perhaps you should consider taking care of that as soon as possible. Why not invest in a software platform, for instance, based on which the software developers in your company can build the perfect network optimization application to suit your needs? That might actually be the best solution, since your in-house team of software developers will know exactly which features are necessary to ensure optimization of traffic across all nodes in your office. It will certainly be better than investing in a network optimization software that may not serve your requirements adequately. However, you cannot just invest in just about any network optimization technology you find. You definitely need to make sure that it will serve the requirements of your organization. Here are a few common features that it needs to support at the very least, in order to be of any use to you: 1. Traffic shaping: Does the term sound a bit odd? It simply refers to a type of bandwidth optimization technology that allows more bandwidth to be sent to mission critical applications, allowing those to work properly. It also restricts the bandwidth being allocated to applications with low priorities. The transfer needs to be carried out intelligently by the network management software you develop or use. 2. SSL Tunneling: This technology allows creation of a secured and encrypted connection between two workstations, for the purpose of data transfer. This protects the data stream from unauthorized interception attempts, whether carried out by a virus, or a hacker. 3. Network reporting: This ensures that the network management software automatically generates reports at regular intervals, regarding the usage of bandwidth by users, statistics related to traffic shaping, local (or remote) server monitoring schedules and statistics, service level agreement monitoring, and so on. Always try to invest in a state of the art software platform supporting the latest network optimization technology. That way, you can ask your in-house software development team to build an application based on the platform, as per the unique requirements of your organization. This will save you time and money in the long run, since you will not have to try out different applications available out there, trying to select the ideal one on the basis of trial-and-error. Are you planning to invest in a software development platform that supports latest network optimization technology? Check out XRoads Networks Operating System (XOS) from XRoads Networks.