Why You Need an SSDI Attorney for Your Claim in Winston Salem, NC

    If you are planning on making a claim for Social Security disability insurance and think that you can do everything on your own, you will definitely want to reconsider your decision. In fact, hiring a disability attorney in Winston Salem, NC is one of the smartest moves that you can make. There are many reasons why this is so.

    Knowledge Of The Process

    If you have never tried to navigate the Social Security system before, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. By hiring an experienced attorney to help with your claim, they can guide you through every step of the process. This will make things infinitely easier than trying to do everything on your own.

    Gather Medical Evidence

    To have a successful claim, you must provide medical evidence that you are indeed disabled and cannot work. This can be time-consuming and can be completed much more quickly by letting your attorney perform all of the legwork for you. They know exactly what the SSA is looking for and will make sure that it is included in your file.

    Appeals Process

    If you have already submitted a claim and have been denied, a disability attorney in Winston Salem, NC can appeal the denial for you. They can analyze the rejection letter and determine everything that you will need for a successful appeal. This is your best chance at getting your re-submission approved by the Social Security Administration.

    To schedule a consultation, please contact Collins Price, PLLC. They will look at your claim and determine the best course of action.

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