Why Should One Take Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamins are necessary to lead a healthy life. Lack of vitamins can lead to weakness and nausea. Long time of physical sickness and heavy exercising can result into loss of vitamins. Vitamin supplements are recommended by the doctors to patients or sports persons. Overdose of vitamins results into vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. Vitamin supplements are preferred in the form of liquid or powder. The supplements in solid form are difficult to dissolve in the blood. This does not cause any harm to the body but provides less amount of vitamins to the body then required. This proves to be wastage of money. Vitamin Supplements – Things to Consider The most important thing to consider is – avoid too many supplements at one time. The consumption of different types of vitamins at one time results into inappropriate intake of these supplements by the body. Your body thinks that you do not suffer from a particular vitamin deficiency. It hence takes only 15% of vitamins than the actual supplement capacity. Rest of the vitamins are thrown out of the body through urine. The second important thing to consider is – try to provide vitamins to your body through food. There is no other choice to sports persons and sick people to take these supplements as food does not provide appropriate quantity of vitamins to them. There are few people who do not eat their food properly, dwell more on fast food and then take vitamin supplements. Intake of any medicine without reason is harmful to the body. These supplements are not to be taken if your doctor does not recommend it. Choose a pill that contains maximum amount of nutrients. This will avoid intake of different pills in one day. Less the number of intake, better the results you get. A multi-vitamin pill is the best option to choose. Multivitamin pills contain 100% of RDA for all vitamins and minerals every day.