Why is Adjustability Important in an Ergo Chair?

    You have probably heard of ergonomic chairs before, but what makes a desk or office chair ergonomic?

    For many people, it is the ability to adjust their chair in many ways to make it truly customized to their needs – while also being comfortable and supportive.

    Here are a few ways that adjustability helps to create the ideal ergo chair:

    Height Adjustment

    People of many different heights use desk chairs for work, play, or other activities. While very small individuals may need to consider a youth-sized chair, most adults and adolescents can use a standard adult height seat.

    To make your chair work for your individual height and body proportions, adjustable height is a good feature to have. Look for a chair that adjusts the height from the ground, as well as overall height.

    Back Height Adjustment

    Speaking of height adjustment, consider purchasing a chair that offers an adjustable backrest. This will ensure that you have the proper support for your back, regardless of your height. It will also help you feel more comfortable in your chair, since back support is one of the most important features in an ergo chair.

    Neck Rest Adjustment

    The neck being well supported during use is an important element in making a chair ergonomic. Look for an adjustable neck rest feature, which will allow you to create good support for your neck while also remaining comfortable for as long as possible.

    Adjustable Tilt

    You might not think about adjustable tilt as very important, but if you spend a lot of time in your chair, it certainly is!

    Tilt tension is the feature that allows a chair to move back and forth as needed. While some modern chairs automatically compensate for the movements of the user, others offer full adjustability for tilt tension. These are both elements worth considering when shopping for a new ergo chair in Singapore.

    Adjustable Seat Cushion

    How high you sit in your chair is another great feature to be able to adjust. In a truly ergonomic chair, you should be able to pump the seat cushion up or down or add filler to the cushion for a customized level of comfort and support.

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