Why Homeowners Choose Travertine Tile in Santa Cruz CA

    Elegance and durability are not always available from a single product. Homeowners who are hoping to have a luxurious interior without worrying about damage from pets or active children may feel that they have no options. Luckily, there is travertine tile. This tile can be used in any room and it is equally beautiful on floors as it is when used as a wall-covering or countertop. Travertine tile in Santa Cruz CA is one of the most popular finish materials in high-end homes.

    Travertine is created when the earth places additional heat and pressure to limestone. The colors of the tiles are natural and can be found in different shades of gray, gold, and brown. The stone will also have hints of other colors like green and red depending on where it was found. To make this genuine stone more beautiful, it has several different finishes.

    Polished and honed travertine are smooth finishes that are perfect for applying to counters or using on interior floors. Textured finishes like the tumbled and brushed tiles are useful for walls and exterior floors. Of course, homeowners can use whatever finish of tile they like for their own projects. Once applied and properly sealed, the tiles are very durable and will only need to be resealed every few years.

    Travertine Tile in Santa Cruz CA can be relied on to provide an amazing aesthetic appeal without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of the home. It can be used nearly anywhere and will remain beautiful as long as it is properly cleaned and maintained. Sealing the tile before it is used is very important to prevent staining or other damages. The tiles are porous and any liquids can lead to problems if the sealant has not been applied properly.

    Homeowners who are anxious about installing their own tile can get the advice and products they need to do the job correctly from the tile supplier. They can explain how to determine what tiles are the best quality, how to care for them, and much more. Contact Carmel Stone Imports to learn more about travertine tile in Santa Cruz CA and the many other types of tile and stone they provide.

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