Why Helping Loved Ones Post Bail in Johnson County, KS, Is a Good Idea

    Depending on the area, inmates are sometimes not allowed to contact bail bondsmen themselves to get help posting bail. Even in areas that do allow this, most people who successfully post bail do so using help from a professional bail bond agent in Johnson County, KS. Many loved ones don’t want to bail people out of jail, though there are reasons why they should.

    The System Benefits from UnBailable People

    Once jailed, people can’t attend work, making it difficult for them to afford an attorney. Since stigma is tied to being jailed, inmates’ family members often abandon them. Further, the criminal justice system has encouraged laypeople not to help inmates post bail by stigmatizing it, telling them that providing such help is simply enabling inmates. Without pretrial release, the criminal justice system is able to achieve longer sentences as compared to inmates who are better off.

    Everybody Deserves Fair Treatment

    People of higher social standing are often given lower bail amounts. They often have access to enough money to bail out of jail themselves, too. When it comes time for guilty pleas or pursuing trial, they often get light sentences. One way to help level the playing field between disadvantaged Americans and their better-off counterparts is to help the former post bail.

    Bail Is Made Easy with This Agency

    Shane’s Bail Bonds, the website for which is , is an established local bail bond agent in Johnson County, KS, only having earned the title after many years of consistently doing well by local residents.

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