Who’s Responsible for a Construction Accident?

by | May 15, 2019 | Law Services

Each year, millions of people get hurt in accidents of various causes. Some are hurt due to an accident involving a construction site. So, who is to blame if an accident injures someone in this type of scenario? This could happen due to a worker sustaining injuries as a result of something at the construction site. Alternately, an accident could ensue later when someone is walking by the work area, or when someone who lives near the construction gets injured. There is a seasoned construction accident attorney Joliet located residents can ask for expert legal advice on whether they have a claim to sue for compensation in a court of law.

Accidents that happen due to the negligence or fault of another could qualify as a valid legal claim. It can be difficult to prove fault if the scene of the accident is not investigated as soon after the mishap as possible. Accident victims are urged to seek out expert legal assistance from a dedicated construction accident attorney Joliet area lawmakers and judges respect as someone knowledgeable regarding these complex types of court cases. Everything must be accurately investigated and documented as evidence of the victims claim that someone else was at fault.

If a jury or judge finds that the accident victim has proved their claim, the victim could be eligible for compensation benefits set aside just for this by state laws. These funds could be a monetary sum and/or funds to pay accrued medical bills due to the injuries sustained in the accident at the construction area. This particular construction accident attorney Joliet accident victims are urged to consult has decades of experience in just these sorts of personal injury lawsuits. Call to schedule your free consultation appointment with Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell.

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