When Do You Need a Retaliation Attorney?

Retaliation cases involve all kinds of incidents, such as illegal activities, discrimination, sexual harassment, demotion, hostile work environment, improper safety equipment or procedures, contract disputes, breach of contract, employee harassment, wrongful termination, refusal to hire and several other unfortunate incidents. These are all civil lawsuits in the making. A reputable retaliation attorney can help in these categories, whether you happen to be the plaintiff or defendant.

What to Do If You Suspect Illegal Activities at Work

Illegal activities can involve fraud, which can include securities fraud, contract fraud, government benefits fraud, tax fraud and mortgage fraud. Other criminal activities include safety or public interest violations, which are those that go against the Occupation and Health Administration and the Food and Drug Administration. Some other activities include money laundering, bribery, tax evasion and forgery. If someone at a company happens to discover any of these activities within their company, they have to make the tough choice of either becoming a whistleblower or turning the other cheek. The risk of retaliation is extremely high for a whistleblower trying to do the right thing, although there are laws to help prevent retaliation. If retaliation does occur against someone blowing the whistle, there is a quality retaliation attorney available to help in their fight for their rights.

Discrimination and Other Suits

Another area a good lawyer can handle is discrimination lawsuits. This includes being discriminated against for being a certain race, gender, color, age, religion, disability, being involved in union activities or being pregnant. Taking these elements into consideration before allowing an employee or possible future employee to be hired, fired, promoted, trained, recruited or given a pay raise is simply illegal.

A quality lawyer may assist anyone who has been demoted, sexually harassed or wrongfully terminated. No one should try to take on these cases without an experienced retaliation attorney because companies usually have their own lawyers to disprove any wrongdoing on behalf of the company. Going up against these big company lawyers alone is a bad idea. You have a much better chance of winning your case if you hire an experienced law firm to take them on since they know how to prove the legitimacy of these types of claims. They can help you get the benefits and rewards for your claim if you’ve been the victim of retaliation or any of the above discriminations.