What You Need for Bar and Tavern Insurance

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Insurance

Bars and taverns are places where people go to drink, watch sports on television and socialize with others. When you choose to open one, you will need to make sure you have the proper bar and tavern insurance in place to protect your business, just like you would protect anything else in your life. As you shop for your insurance, make sure you keep all your special needs in mind so the policy you choose will serve its intended purpose.

Alcohol If you own a bar or tavern, you will be serving alcohol to patrons. This brings with it a high level of responsibility because of the drinking laws and the potential damage a person who is drunk can cause. One of the most important pieces of insurance you must buy is your liquor insurance. This will protect you in situations where alcohol is at fault. You may also need insurance to cover any brawls or damage that occurs from drunkenness. Special Equipment Many bars and taverns have special equipment you won’t find in many other establishments. You may have a pool table, dart board, video poker machines and more. When you have these, you need bar and tavern insurance that will both protect the pieces of equipment themselves, as well as the people who will be using them. This will protect your business so you don’t need to worry about anything breaking or someone becoming injured on them. Employment Practices The people you hire are your responsibility. You want to be sure you have the insurance coverage necessary to protect them at all costs.

When you are in a bar or tavern atmosphere, your employees are at a greater risk for discrimination and sexual harassment charges due to their positions. They may also have disputes about how much they are paid or the working conditions. When you carry employment practices insurance, you are protecting your business, as well as your employees. Making sure you have all the right types of bar and tavern insurance policies will ensure the integrity of your business. Because there is alcohol involved, you need liquor insurance to protect yourself. If you have special equipment in your bar or tavern, you will need special insurance to cover that as well.

Finally, to protect yourself, your business and your employees, you should also consider getting the proper employment practices insurance. All of these insurances will combine to provide you with the coverage you need for a successful business.  To learn more about all the types of bar and tavern insurance coverage you need for your establishment, visit website.

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