What Women Should Know Before Undergoing a Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

    Many women are dissatisfied with the shape, fullness or location of their breasts. It is common for a woman’s breasts to change over the years due to gravity, lifestyle choices, following childbirth and after breastfeeding. Hormonal changes that occur as a woman ages also impact breast tissue. Here’s what women should know before undergoing a cosmetic breast augmentation in Palatine.

    Make Sure the Decision for Plastic Surgery Is Yours & Not for Anyone Else

    In today’s world that reveres beautiful celebrities, it can be easy for women to feel less than perfect especially if there is pressure from a partner or other individual. The decision to undergo any type of plastic surgery should be yours alone and not for the sake of pleasing someone else. A breast augmentation does require some downtime for recovery, and women should determine when and why they desire to alter their breast appearance before making this important decision.

    Research Breast Augmentation Surgery to Ensure a Realistic Expectation

    It is important that women investigate what a breast augmentation surgery result will look like beforehand. Many women have unrealistic visions of what a breast augmentation surgery result can do. Choose a reputable plastic surgeon and ask about the expected results during your consultation appointment prior to scheduling your breast augmentation by a Palatine plastic surgeon. Take time to review previous breast augmentation before and after surgery photos that your surgeon should be happy to show.

    Choose a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

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