What types of electrician jobs are there?

by | May 10, 2013 | Electronics and Electrical

There are three different electrician jobs in Perth:

  • Self employment

  • Work for an electrical contractor

  • Teach

An electrician is a person with skills in the electrical field; these skills were arrived at through working experience and education. The entire focus of the electrician is installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of electrical systems and in order to do this, electrical jobs in Perth demand that the candidate be licenced. To become certified and licensed, there are very strict regulations that must be met.

Training and classroom study:

An electrician is a specialist in installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems that are found in houses and commercial establishments.

To become an electrician in Australia, the most important thing is the electrical apprenticeship. The apprenticeship is something that can be secured through working with skilled electricians or through a registered training organization.

During the apprenticeship program, the student will learn how to deal with electricity safely and the skills that are necessary to install electrical equipment. Once the apprenticeship program has been completed, the electrician can become licensed or get professional certification. The minimum entry level education for an apprenticeship program is a high school certificate.

During the apprenticeship training, the student will learn how to understanding wiring schematics for all buildings and the installation of the wiring, as well as a NEC (National Electrical Code) course which focuses on codes and regulations.

Once apprenticeship is completed:

Once the student has completed his or her apprenticeship, it is mandatory to become licensed. If you do not have a license you can be a helper but you cannot undertake any installations without the approval of a licensed electrician.

The most common source of Perth electrical jobs is with existing electrical contractors or self-employment. Once licensed, the electrician can decide what services he or she wants to provide, and whether he wants to focus on residential or commercial work. Usually, self employed electricians focus on one or the other as it allows them to become more efficient, increasing their income.

Coming from apprenticeship and into an electrical contracting company is the preferred route as the job provides more stability than self employment, especially when you have yet to set aside start up funds. When you take electrical jobs in Perth that put you into contact with builders, construction companies, people who renovate homes, you are building a potential customer base for the future. During your years with an electrical contractor you will also be introduced to the various suppliers to the trade, allowing you to fast track your own business in the future.

The career advancement opportunities include becoming lead hand or project manager, the advancement options depend on the organizational structure of the employer.

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