What Types of Activities Should an Elderly Care Facility Offer?

    When making the decision to seek out elderly care in Palm Coast, FL, finding a place that offers the right types of activities is absolutely essential. Elderly care facilities that feature a variety of activities demonstrate that the facility cares about the emotional, physical and social health of their elderly residents. While bingo and card games are commonly thought of as appropriate senior activities, it is important to keep a variety of activities in mind when considering potential care facilities.

    Physical Activities

    It is true that some seniors have limited mobility and will find traditional exercise classes difficult to maintain. However, it is important to encourage physical activity in order to promote healthy bones and muscles.

    Examples of physical activities for elderly patients include:

    • Exercise group classes
    • Gardening activities
    • Chair exercises, such as chair yoga
    • Walking classes and clubs
    • Feet and ankle exercise routines

    Mental Activities

    Keeping the mind engaged can be a definite challenge for seniors, but it is important to find challenging mental activities in order to stall the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    Examples of activities that challenge the mind that you might find in elderly care facilities include:

    • Puzzles
    • Board games
    • Musical instruments
    • Art and pottery classes
    • Continuing education classes
    • Cooking
    • Crotchet or sewing

    Social Activities

    Boredom can be a common problem in elderly care facilities. When arriving at the facility, the elderly resident will not know anyone and may have difficulty making friends. But having a thriving social life helps prevent depression and loneliness for seniors. For this reason, having a community that excels in social activities is important.

    Examples of social activities include:

    • Social outings to museums and concerts
    • Lunch clubs
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Dances
    • Community recreational centers

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