What to Think About When It Comes to New Lighting Installation in Austin

    Lighting can make a statement or create a calm, cozy atmosphere in your home. When it comes to new lighting installation in Austin, here are some things you want to think about.

    Make Sure the Lighting Is Wired Correctly

    The best way to ensure correct wiring is to always hire professional electricians to install fixtures. It’s tempting to save money and watch an online video for guidance, but doing this could jeopardize your home and the new lighting fixture. If you install the wiring incorrectly, the fixture could short-circuit, or you could have an electrical fire.

    Ensure the Fixture Isn’t too Heavy

    Do you have your eye on a statement chandelier or other prominent lighting fixture? Before purchasing a fixture to replace a builder-grade fixture, ensure it’s compatible with your home.

    Do You Have Enough Power?

    Are you planning to add more lighting to your home, inside or outside? Check with an electrician to make sure your home has enough power to support the new lighting installation. You might need to add more circuits to your existing panel. Or, in some cases, you might need to install a secondary main panel to support the additional wattage.

    New lighting installation in Austin is a great way to personalize and add value to your home. But you want to make sure you have the right people working on your home to ensure it’s up to code and everything’s installed correctly. Schedule lighting installation services today with the team at TruTec Electric.

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