What to Know Before Having Your Metal Siding Repaired in Minneapolis

    You want to get your home ready for the cold Minnesota winter. You know that there is some damage to your metal exterior siding. Here are a few questions to ask a contractor before deciding if they are a good fit to provide metal exterior siding in Minneapolis, MN, repair for your home.

    The first thing you want to do is establish that you are working with a legitimate contractor who can provide references, who has a number of years of experience, and who can give you their business license, registration, and insurance. You should also request references from customers who live in the Minneapolis area.

    After narrowing down your options for contractors, you need to get some estimates. The estimates for metal exterior siding in Minneapolis, MN, repair should include labor, waste removal, materials, permits, and any contractor incidentals. Find out how unforeseen problems may be addressed once the original siding is removed. This may increase the price of the repair.

    Find out if they offer workmanship and product warranties. Need to get the details on these warranties before having the job done. You want to be sure that if issues arise in the future, you will be covered.

    Ask if the contractor will hire subcontractors. Ask if the contractor will supervise the site daily.

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