What to Expect When Your Teen Goes to a Minnesota Day Center

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Health

If your teen is experiencing mental or behavioral issues, then a day treatment facility might be an option that you want to consider. Counselors and other workers can talk to your teen about various issues without your teen being asked to stay away from home for an extended time. The following are a few things that you could see during this type of treatment.

Meeting With a Counselor

One of the steps of adolescent day treatments in Minnesota is meeting with a counselor. Your teen can do this with or without a parent or another person present. Sometimes, the counselor might request that an adult be in the room if the teen is under a certain age. The counselor and teen can talk about school, friends, family relationships, and other things that might be impacting daily life.


Once the center understands more about your teen, various skills can be discussed to help with self-esteem, learning, and other issues that might be difficult. Assistance is usually offered with homework, completing applications, or developing life skills that your teen might want to learn about.

Medical Treatment

During adolescent day treatments in Minnesota, a counselor or another worker might notice that your teen could benefit from medications. If this occurs, then your teen could meet with a nurse practitioner or another professional who can complete a screening and prescribe the proper medications that might be beneficial. Your teen would likely need to be monitored to ensure that the medications have a positive impact.

Contact Options Family & Behavior Services if your teen could benefit from adolescent care.

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