What To Expect When You Buy Bitcoin at an ATM in Atlanta, GA

    Merchandise can be bought with Bitcoins with anonymity. No central bank issues or regulates Bitcoin. This allows for easier and cheaper international payments using Bitcoins. Bitcoin can be attractive to small businesses because there are no credit card fees. But some people just buy bitcoins as an investment.

    What is a Bitcoin ATM?

    A Bitcoin ATM near Atlanta looks like any other ATM. Buying Bitcoin is as easy as making a deposit or withdraw at your bank’s ATM. You just press the button to buy Bitcoin, then follow the easy directions.

    Similarly, selling Bitcoin is equally as easy. Instead of pressing “Buy Bitcoin” you press “Withdraw Cash,” select the amount, and follow the easy instructions.

    The Future of Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2009. There are no banks involved, which makes for more seamless transactions. People, too, can transfer money between each other using mobile apps or their computers.

    Will Bitcoin replace cash? One of the world’s leading financial services companies, Deutsch Bank, predicts that cryptocurrency could replace cash by as early as 2030. As trust in and stability of fiat money — a traditional government-issued currency that is not backed by a physical commodity – declines, more people are likely to be attracted to Bitcoin.

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