What to Expect from Hiring a Private Ambulance Service in New Jersey

    Many people think of ambulance service as something only provided by emergency services when one calls 911. While that is one type of ambulance service, private ambulance service is another service that offers safe and reliable transportation for patients in emergency and non-emergency medical situations.

    Medical Transportation for Doctor Appointments

    Patients recovering from illnesses or those who need continual medical therapies such as dialysis, chemotherapy, physical therapy, etc., often enlist private services to get them to and from these appointments safely. Not everyone has someone who can drive them to their appointments or a vehicle that can accommodate medical equipment such as oxygen tanks or wheelchairs and walkers. Private medical transportation ensures patients don’t miss appointments, so they recover faster.

    Door-to-Door Service

    Private medical transportation gets patients to their medical appointments without leaving them stranded. Door-to-door service means that a trained EMT helps the person leave their home, gets them in the medical transport vehicle, and makes sure they safely get inside their doctor’s office, hospital, or physical therapy center.


    Patients can expect fair and prompt service from private medical transport services. Whether it’s an emergency or a ride that was planned weeks ahead of time, private ambulances arrive quickly in an emergency and show up on time to make sure one gets where they need to be all other times.

    People who struggle to find rides to medical appointments can put their trust in private ambulance services. For more information about the services offered, contact Alert Ambulance Services Inc., at https://www.alertambulance.com.

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