What Is Sedation Dentistry?

    We understand that very few people like to go visit the dentist. This can be particularly true if a person knows they have an issue with their teeth or mouth that could lead to tooth extraction. Fortunately, sedation dentistry helps in such cases; learn more about it below.

    How Sedation Dentistry Helps in Specific Procedures

    Sedation Dentistry in Monroe, LA, such as at The Denture Center, involves anesthesia that either calms the patient so that the person is relaxed during a procedure or can even make the person unconscious throughout the procedure so it can go by easily.

    Also known as sleep dentistry, this has become more routine over the last several years, as many patients prefer to receive anesthesia to handle certain procedures, including the extraction of wisdom teeth.

    Different Types

    There are different types of dental sedation, and the one your dentist chooses will depend upon several factors. These factors include your anxiety levels, the length of the dental procedure, and what that procedure is.

    While making a person unconscious during the dental procedure is one option, it is not the only option. In some cases, only minimal sedation is needed when the patient is relaxed. Moderate sedation involves the person being conscious but may have slurred speech and short term memory loss from it. The Denture Center has a dentist experienced in sedation dentistry in Monroe, LA.

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