What is Cast Aluminum Alloy?

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Aluminum

Cast aluminum alloy is a category of aluminum used very often in the automobile industry to produce part and components. It is also used to make other everyday household item products. Alloy of cast aluminum is a type of metal used to manufacture patio furniture and other types of furniture as well. You will find that many cookware items are made from cast aluminum alloy. The alloy undergoes a casting process before it can be used as intended.

The Casting Method
The process of casting is applied to increase the durability and strength of a material, improving its productive use for specific applications. There are various processes through which casting can occur. These include sand casting, mold casting, and die casting. One of the most commonly used methods is die casting.

Why Use Cast Aluminum?
Cast aluminum is a popular type of metal used in various applications for a number of reasons as described below:

As previously stated, this metal possesses considerable strength and durability. Although not necessarily reaching the strength of cast iron, it does have sufficient strength for numerous applications. Another benefit of cast aluminum to customers is its cost. In some cases, this aluminum alloy may be purchased at nearly half the cost of some other aluminum metals. This alone makes it a highly desirable metal for many industrial applications.

Cast aluminum alloy is used by many designers and contractors to meet the requirements of numerous applications. This includes both residential and commercial applications. This aluminum alloy possesses a strength that gives it many advantages of certain other available alloys and metals in the marketplace.

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