What Englewood, NJ Residents Should Expect from a Botox Treatment

Many individuals will reach a point in their life when at-home beauty treatments no longer cut it. This is because at-home treatments can only do so much. Once a person starts to see that anti-wrinkle creams are no longer doing their job, they usually turn to dermatologists and other professionals to help them fight the aging process.

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments on the market. When an individual visits a medical professional to get Botox treatment in Englewood, NJ, they should expect the initial treatment to last only 20 minutes. This will include the consultation and the actual injection session. The results will not be seen immediately. It usually takes at least five or six days for the muscles to relax properly and for a person to see changes in their physical appearance.

After a person has a Botox treatment in Englewood, NJ, they can expect the results to last about three or four months. After that point, they can decide if they would like to have a touch up treatment.

Botox is not designed to offer permanent results. Many have found that when they start using Botox to prevent dynamic wrinkles or as soon as they start to see them appear, the farther off they can push off more invasive procedures, like a facelift. Many have found that Botox not only improves their physical appearance, but it gives them a boost of self-confidence.

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