What Does it Take to Get and Maintain Glass Table Tops Charlotte NC?

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive

The idea of having glass table tops Charlotte NC is great if you want to add elegance to your home. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they can last for as long as you want with careful maintenance. You can find beveled, custom cut, thoroughly polished, and tempered glass easily to ensure you get the best of glass table tops. Once you have found the table top that you need, you should do as much as possible to protect that brittle surface from scratches, nicks, cracks and other forms of damage. You do not have to hide this magnificent table from view because of the fear of damage. The beautiful top is meant to be admired and to add a shine to your home. Glass table tops Charlotte NC, increase the beauty of your wooden tables and protects them from sun damage, scratches, ultra violet ray damage and scuffs. Glass can also be vulnerable to these effects especially if you use the table outdoors. Therefore, you must take extra precaution when you have glass table tops under a tree, the patio, or on the lawn. These places can expose your table to weathering. You can have your table tops tinted or coated to offer the added protection. Hardening of the glass is normally not necessary when you use the glass table tops Charlotte NC for covering wood surface. However, if you have young children in the house, tempering for safety is not such a bad idea. The edges have to be flat polished and possibly beveled depending on preference. For your glass table tops, you can use different types of glass, such as clear glass, low-iron glass, acid etched or sand blasted glass, bronze glass and gray glass. You can also customize the edge into a seamed edge, flat polish edge and pencil edge. For maximum quality, you must take accurate measurements of your table if you want to fit the glass perfectly. You can also replace your patio table top with an umbrella hole. These tops will be custom measured and fabricated using safety glass. To protect your furnishings from harmful ultraviolet rays, glass table tops can be designed with coated or tinted glass that is similar to most windows. For protecting children in the event of a breakage, laminated or tempered glass can also be used. You can use customized glass table tops for coffee tables, writing desks, conference room tables, dining room tables and antique furniture. For extra maintenance, you can try polishing the table tops regularly using mild polishing creams or nail polish. You can even remove scratches on the table tops with nail polish, nail polish remover and a very soft cloth. No one can help you with issues regarding glass table tops Charlotte NC like the professionals. You can find them at the site to get more help on tabletop installation and maintenance.

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