What are the Benefits of Inheritance Advances?

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Financial Services

If your inheritance is tied up in probate, you might be looking at a years-long process before the estate is settled. Inheritance advances enable you to access potentially life-changing funds quickly, predictably, and at no risk.

Fast and Simple Process

Applying for an inheritance advance is unlike applying for a loan because it doesn’t require proof of creditworthiness, employment, or collateral. This is because the funding company simply purchases a portion of your inheritance from you. Therefore, most people can receive cash within days.

Predictable Costs

Compared to a loan, the associated fees are also more predictable. The funding company does not charge you interest; they only charge you a flat fee, which is part of the initial offer. Because they will not charge anything over that initial fee, there isn’t any confusion and there will not be any surprise costs down the line.

No Risk

By purchasing a part of your inheritance, the funding company takes on the risk of the inheritance falling through. Even if your inheritance cannot be funded by the estate, whether through lack of funds or a contested will, you will not owe the funding company any money.

If you’re considering an inheritance advance, My Inheritance Cash has a simple online application process at myinheritancecash.com. They will be able to make you an offer based on the information you provide and you can see how much cash you can receive upfront.

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