What Are Different Copper Forging Processes?

    There are four forging manufacturing processes used to shape metal parts in copper forging. The processes include closed die(impression die forging), open die forging, cold forging, and seamless rolled ring forging. Manufacturers use compressive forces to forge various parts for application. Here is a brief look at each of the processes.

    Closed Die (Impression Die Forging)

    The process uses dies that completely enclose the base material, which makes it easier to shape the material into the desired shape. In comparison to other processes, closed die requires a greater compressive force to ensure the die cavities are filled and make the complete part. This type of forging creates many types of 3-D parts that are few ounces to several tons.

    Cold Forging

    This type of forging creates parts and components with enhanced surface finish quality and tight tolerance dimensions. Unlike Other processes, cold forging does not use heat to make part structure but uses cold temperatures. Copper forgings manufacturers use cold forging to make parts and components such as shafts hollow sections with shafts and stems. Other components include odd configurations and cup-shaped geometries.

    Open Die Forging/Smith forging

    Open die manufactured components are shaped through direct force. A hammer is used to strike and deform the workpiece held in place by two flat dies. The Process is known as an open die because the dies do not enclose the workpiece. During the procedure, the dies function as tools instead of enclosed molds. This method can produce forgings from as little as a few pounds to more than 150 tons. It is ideal for parts weighing over 200,000lbs and 80 ft long.

    Seamless Rolled Ring Forging

    The process is performed by perforating a hole in a thick, circular piece of metal. Then you roll and squeeze the donut shape into a thin ring. This process is ideal for producing ring diameters ranging from 1 inch to 30 feet. In comparison to other copper forging processes, it uses curved dies instead of flat dies.

    Copper is a common material used in the production of various components and parts. The above processes are used by manufacturers in production.

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