Ways You Can Protect Your Home From a Flood During a Hurricane

    Since a hurricane often brings quite a bit of rain, you need to do what you can to protect your home from flooding. Here are some ideas to consider.


    Even though the doors of your home are probably tall, water can still rise and invade your home through the entryway. You can put plastic sheets on your doors that stretch from the top to the bottom and cover any cracks underneath the doorway as a way to provide hurricane flood protection. This can also help to keep out strong winds and prevent glass doors from breaking as easily.

    Inflatable Barriers

    If you know that you might need to use barriers throughout a hurricane season, then consider getting inflatable flood control barrier so that you can easily move them around. These are a type of hurricane flood protection that are usually lightweight and can be inflated to a point where they are sturdy enough to keep water from flooding your home once they are in place. They can usually be positioned before you inflate them, making the barriers a bit easier to use than those that are made of concrete or other materials.

    Sand Bags

    You’ve probably seen sand bags positioned along the coast before a hurricane. These can protect your home as well. You can usually get bags that are already filled or get bags and sand to fill your own. These bags can be positioned to try to direct the flow of water or positioned in front of doors and windows to try to keep water from getting into your home. Learn more about how to protect your home by contacting Flood Avert today.

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