Various Options for Tub Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Bathtubs give their owners ample opportunities for quick cleansings and long, luxurious soaks alike. For the little ones, they often mean playtime has come or serve as a nice substitute for a swimming pool on a rainy day. Some are primarily functional whereas others are elegant and decorative, but all are bound to succumb to repeated use over time. In many cases, tub repair in Pittsburgh PA as opposed to replacement may suffice after wear and tear takes its toll, and a few key options are available.


Refinishing, or reglazing as it’s sometimes called, is a detailed process in which an old bathtub is repaired and revitalized. This is a helpful option if a tub is stained or its original finish is flaking off. Even cracked tubs can be salvaged with this alternative. Technicians fill any cracks or small holes in the existing tub and sand down its surface. From there, they apply multiple coats of finish to the tub, allowing each one to dry before moving on to the next. Then, they buff the newly created surface, and the tub is ready to use for several more years.


For tubs with large holes or significant cracks, refinishing may not be the answer. This is also true of tubs with missing tiles or decayed surrounding walls and other structural issues. Those with extensive damage need more extreme measures. With liners, technicians measure the existing tub and its surrounding elements and create an acrylic replica. The replica is simply installed over the existing bathtub and secured in place using special adhesives. Various colors and styles are available, so this is a nice excuse to revamp the bathroom without diving into a full-blown remodel.

New Installs

If you’re looking to completely change the style of your tub or its surrounding elements are beyond salvaging, Tub Repair in Pittsburgh PA may not be enough. Replacing the tub and its surrounds altogether might be the better option. This is a more thorough and permanent alternative to reglazing and relining, but it’s also a more expensive and time-consuming solution.

In the event your tub has seen better days, there’s no reason to keep tolerating it. Plenty of options are out there, from refinishing to complete replacement. Get more information and take the time to consider how far you’d like to go with the project before diving in.

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