Vacation On Florida’s West Coast For Sun, Nature, and Attractions

    Those seeking a hot vacation spot generally choose beaches and cities on the eastern Florida coast. Lots of people forget that the Sunshine State has a western coast. That’s okay, though, because it makes sightseeing in Naples way more fun.

    Shopping In Naples

    Shopping in Naples is about the personal touch. The homemade soaps and lotions and more at Naples Soap Company are natural rather than chemical. For a lovely assault on the senses, please don’t miss Scent-chips. Choose among wondrous scents or mix one according to personal taste. Then fill the house with the aroma of that special personal choice.

    Get a haircut, buy a blouse, choose cuff-links or earrings, buy toys for the children, have a day at the spa, and finish up with a meal unlike any to be found except in Florida. Fresh seafood and farm to table ingredients awaits Florida diners’ pleasure.

    Sightseeing in Naples

    Choices in seeing Naples include hiking or biking and a boat. There’s always something to see or do at one of Naples’ eleven parks such as art shows, craft fairs, live music, walking trails and viewing the wildlife and much more.

    Different types of fun boats will tour a world full of manatees, mangrove tunnels, shells by the thousands, eco tours, deep sea fishing, and much more. Tin City Waterfront Shops will be here when visitors return, ready to feed them in relaxing waterfront surrounds. Call today to learn more.

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