Use Neck Lanyards for Advertising

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Marketing and Advertising

Companies today are constantly trying different marketing tactics to determine what works and what doesn’t for their company. Advertising can be expensive and time consuming, especially when a specific effort does not work. One of the tried and true methods that has been around for years is the use of neck lanyards. Consumers love to receive something for free, especially something that serves a purpose or adds convenience in their lives. People of all ages have uses for lanyards, which makes them a smart advertising tool for companies. Many companies use them as a giveaway to new consumers or as a way to increase their exposure as a new company.

Cost Effective

There are a large variety of lanyards available today, each of which can be customized to meet the needs of your company. You can choose to have them customized with your company name, phone number or slogan. There are a large number of materials to choose from as well, allowing you to choose the material that fits within your budget. Companies can provide salespeople with lanyards to give to customers who sign up for services the company offers.

Useful Tool

Neck lanyards provide customers with a useful tool that will most likely be used quite often. It is not much more expensive than ordering a large amount of business cards but is more effective. Business cards typically are tossed in the garbage after a few days. Chances are the lanyard you provide will not get tossed. You can include the same information you would on a business card, including your company name and phone number, serving as a constant reminder to consumers that your company is ready to be at their service.


When your salespeople hand the neck lanyards out to new customers, they can market their versatile uses. More than just to carry around the neck, they can be used to hold keys in a woman’s purse so they don’t fall to the bottom or to hold an ID, USB drives and much more. Kids and adults both use them, making them a useful tool to give to new customers.

Whether you are trying to break into a new market as a new company, trying to expand into a new market or are a college trying to increase your attendance, neck lanyards make an effective marketing tool for many companies. Because today’s competition is tough, it is important for companies to find unique ways to market themselves. Replacing business cards with neck lanyards is an “outside of the box” choice.

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