Try These Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

    Most people consider their wedding day to be one of the most beautiful days of their lives. If this is the case for you, you’ll want every aspect of your wedding to reflect this concept as closely as possible, especially if your wedding will be outdoors. One of the best ways of ensuring the right ambience for your outdoor wedding is the proper use of lighting! If you have yet to set up the lighting arrangements for your wedding, the good news is it isn’t too late. Keep reading to learn of some creative ways to use lighting to make your wedding day that much more memorable.

    Suspended Lanterns

    Lanterns have become a very popular form of wedding reception lighting. As such, they may be a good option for wedding tree lights in Dallas, as they provide an elegant, fairytale-esque touch. You can buy string lanterns to hang from trees around the venue, or even craft them yourself out of mason jars and small bulbs.

    Regardless of which method you go with, your wedding venue is guaranteed to look that much more romantic. Consider hanging each lantern at different heights. This will create a bit more visual interest.

    Dangling String Lights

    There are all sorts of creative ways to make use of string lights, especially as wedding tree lights in Dallas! Consider taking short string lights and hanging them from the trees surrounding your outdoor wedding venue. You can be as liberal with these hanging lights as you wish. Once they’re all properly suspended, they will give off a gorgeous, fairytale effect throughout the ceremony or reception area, which will in turn reflect the magic of your wedding day in and of itself!

    Both of these ideas are not only gorgeous to behold, but are also easy on your budget.

    If you’re interested in setting up wedding tree lights in Dallas for your big day, contact the Christmas Company by calling (817)-629-8404 or visiting their website.

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