Top Tips for Getting Central Michigan University Off-Campus Housing

    Want to live off campus this school year? Start planning ASAP to find the best Central Michigan University off-campus housing. Here’s how to find quality housing that makes college life easy peasy.

    Search for Apartments Near Campus

    Students don’t want to spend a lot of time driving to and from campus. If the apartment is within walking distance, that’s even better. Check out bulletin boards on campus for advertisements, or ask the university to recommend nearby places. Or do an online search for Central Michigan University off-campus housing.

    Look for Furnished, Plug and Play Apartments

    Some student apartments allow students to sign 12-month leases, while others only offer school-year leases. Consider furnished, plug-and-play apartments if the apartment complex only offers school-year leases. These apartments are ready to go and make moving in much more manageable. Students don’t have to worry about finding help moving heavy furniture and other items when it’s time to move in and out.

    Choose Student Housing That’s Secure

    Security is a concern for students and parents, so choosing student-friendly apartments is essential. These off-campus apartments take security seriously and have gated parking lots, keyless secured entries, and 24/7 staffed security.

    Start Looking Now

    It’s never too early to start checking out all the housing options and don’t wait to apply for the apartment. The best Central Michigan University off-campus housing fills up fast. Put in an application now and say goodbye to dorm life for good. To learn more, contact University Meadows at

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