Top Baby Gifts on a Budget: Embroidered Baby Clothing

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Gifts

Anyone looking to get an awesome and unique gift to the baby of a close friend or family member will always want to choose the most unique and memorable item that is at a level on its own.  At the same time, you will want to get a gift within a budget.  The typical baby gift ideas like stuffed animals, mobiles, diaper cakes, and blankets are all awesome gifts but since most people purchase them as gifts all the time, these items will definitely not stand out.  Baby clothing with personalized embroidery is a gift option that you can explore since it allows you to look for something unique that can be customized and at the same time is useful.  Consider the option of purchasing baby clothing with the baby’s name intricately embroidered on it.  Here are some unique and cost-effective embroidered baby clothing gift ideas.

Baby Bathrobes

Baby bathrobes are usually the most purchased baby gift item in every store because of its appeal and extreme usefulness.  Normally, these bathrobes are made of 100% Terry cotton which makes it look luxurious and elegant.  At the same time, the material is soft and comfortable which alleviates you from worrying about skin irritation and rashes caused by irritants in the fabric.  You can personalize the bathrobe by having the name of the baby embroidered on the left breast or at the back.  This gift idea can roughly cost you around $50.  Not that bad for something with quality.

Baby Sweat Suit

Another fantastic option to make the baby look cool and sporty is by draping him in an elegant sweat suit with his name intricately embroidered on it.  This item is a favorite among parents which is why most baby stores claim it to be one of their best sellers.  You can get the sweat suit in different colors however blue, pink, and white are the pre-made colors.  These are fantastic gifts for infants from 6 months to 2 years.  Baby sweat suits range from $45 to $55 per piece with free embroidery and customization

Baby Tees

If you are looking for a simple yet effective baby clothing gift that allows personalization through embroidery, then a simple baby tee should be right up your alley.  Commercial baby tees come in almost every color and size.  You can have the name or initials of the baby embroidered on the front, sleeve, or at the back.  These are great options for infants up to toddlers and they don’t cost too much.  A budget of $35 bucks should suffice.  This obviously includes free personalization.

Baby Baseball Caps

Protect the baby from the sun and other elements that could land on his head while outside with a baby baseball cap.  Yes, the popular baseball cap comes in kiddie and infant sizes too.  Furthermore, you can have it customized with the baby’s name or any other word that catches your fancy embroidered on the front.  This article of clothing is pretty cheap at around $30 a pop complete with personalization. 

Baby Bib and Hat Set

Another unique and cost effective option for a great gift is an embroidered bib and hat set.  Babies will normally wear these when going around protecting his head from the heat or cold and the bib to protect his clothing from the occasional spew.  You can have the name embroidered on the bib and on the hat which makes it a very cool clothing set.  The deal is not that bad too since it will only cost you around $37 bucks for both with free personalization.

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