Top 5 Essential Catering Supplies

by | Mar 19, 2013 | General

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the catering business or have been going at it for a few years or so, there are some catering supplies that are just indispensable. While old hands usually know about them, many are reluctant to pass on the wisdom to the newcomers, hoping to kill or cripple the competition before it can become a threat. Well, we are here to fill that knowledge gap and tell you about the top five little talked about and yet essential catering supplies that any good caterer needs to get started. Here we go:   Clear Plastic Wraps/Aluminum Foil: Once you get started in the business, you will quickly realize that not all the food gets consumed. Cling wraps will allow you to preserve unused fruits and vegetables don’t go stale and can be used later. Aluminum foil, on the other hand, is great for covering the dishes, keeping food warm, and making little takeaway packets if someone asks for them.   Fruit and Vegetable Slicer: Slicing raw fruits and vegetables is tedious and time consuming. Slicers allow you to slice large chunks in one go, which cuts down preparation time. It may seem like money wasted, buying something you can do with your trusty knife, but you will thank us later when they are all praising you for your efficiency.   A Warming Cabinet: Keeping food warm, even when in freezing weather, is a caterers responsibility. Thus, a warming cabinet will be your best friend on those cold days when the people are lining up for your hot soup.   Ice Caddies: The yin to the warming cabinet’s yang, these handy little ice caddies make sure the guests’ drinks are always cool. You can also stick a bottle in them and voilà, instant cooling.   Insulated Food Pan Carriers: Many locations do not allow you to have an open flame or plug in a food warmer. For such cases, you need insulated food pan carriers. Just cook the food, put them in the serving trays and stick them in the carrier. They will stay warm for hours and make sure guests have a hot meal no matter where the party is.   Hopefully now you have a good idea of the catering supplies you need to set up your own catering business. No matter how successful you are and how big you become, you will always need these supplies. No go ahead and get cooking. The guests are hungry!       Are you looking for catering supplies? Jean’s Restaurant Supplies is a great place to buy your essential catering equipment, as well as all the fancy ones.

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