Top 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Shimmer Foundation

    Applying a shimmer foundation makes your skin uniform and flawless. Also, it changes your natural skin tone into an adorable complexion. Despite all the good things about these foundations, applied them can be as hard as it sounds. There are several mistakes people commit willingly or unknowingly when applying these foundations. The following are some of the mistakes:

    • Not Picking the Right Shade

    Shimmer foundation come in a variety of skin tone colors and shades. As such, before applying the foundation, you should ascertain that your base is perfectly matched with your skin tone. Note that if you select the wrong foundation, it can ruin the outlook of your makeup.

    • Failure to Prepare Your Skin Properly For The Foundation

    Before applying the foundation, it’s important that you make your skin prepared for the activity. This includes cleaning the skin and letting it dry so that the foundation can cling to the skin and settle on the patches. As a bonus, always clean the remnant of previous makeup before applying another. It’s the only way of achieving a flawless foundation.

    • Failure to Apply Primer Before Foundation

    Many people rush into applying foundation before adding primer, which is wrong. Primers should come first as they make your foundation last long and fresh.

    • Using Your Fingers to Apply Foundation

    If you are fond of applying foundation with your fingers, no that you got it wrong. Foundations look better if applied using a brush. A brush will help blend and buff the foundation into the skin patches making you achieve a smooth and flawless application.

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